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I am a DONA International certified birth doula – I provide both prenatal education before labor, and emotional and physical support to a mother and her birth partner during labor.


As your birth doula, I will provide you the following:

  • Physical comfort measures based on your needs, as we'll discuss in our prenatal visits.
  • Emotional support, encouragement, respect, and reassurance.
  • Evidence-based information for any questions you have, before birth, during, and after.


  • Take the place of your spouse/birth partner. Instead, your partner and I work together to provide you the best possible birth experience. 

  • Provide medical care. I am not a medical professional, so that means I do not perform exams, assist with any type of procedure, or prescribe medication.
  • Tell you what to do. It is my mission to provide you the birth experience you seek. I will be there to help guide you, but not make decisions for you. 

why hire a doula?

The use of a doula can shorten labor by 2 to 3 hours, reduce hospital interventions, and significantly reduce complications and the use of cesarean sections. Why does any of this matter? Because interventions correlate with complications. 

Mothers who had a doula:

  • Are less likely to need pain medication.

  • Have a reduced rate of Pitocin (synthetic Oxytocin) induction.

  • Report less anxiety, fewer signs of depression, and a higher level of self-esteem postpartum.

  • Report greater satisfaction with their partner.
  • Have more favorable perceptions of themselves and their babies than mothers who didn't have a doula.
Source: The Doula Book by Marshall H. Klaus, MD, John H. Kennell, MD, and Phyllis H. Klaus, MFT, LMSW

What's a doula?

As a former Women's Studies minor who barely knew the role of a doula, I don't blame anyone for not knowing! 

Doula, by definition, refers to a birth companion; a non-medical person who assists a woman before and during childbirth, as well as her spouse and/or family, by providing physical assistance and emotional support. A doula, as opposed to a nurse or healthcare provider, provides continuous support for a laboring woman, staying by her side for all stages of labor.





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