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I am a DONA International certified birth doula – I provide both prenatal education before labor, and emotional and physical support to a mother and her birth partner during labor.

Daddies + Doulas, Take Two

I've written about the dynamic between daddies and doulas before, and how we form the "dream team" a woman in labor can really benefit from. 

But I was just rereading my copy of The Birth Partner, by Penny Simkin, as I'm gearing up for my last doula birth before my own maternity leave (baby number 3 arrives in 10 or so weeks). After Ms. Simkin explains how arduous labor can be for the birth partner, aka Daddy, and how important it is to sit vs. stand when possible, eat and drink often, etc., she goes on to state that if you have a doula, you may not need as many breaks. 

"Researchers compared the behavior of two groups of fathers during labor. In one group, the fathers were the only support persons for the mother; in the other, there was also a doula in attendance. In the group in which a doula was present, the fathers generally spent more time in the room with the mother and stayed closer to her. Because the doula takes pressure off the partner, the partner may not need to take a break as often."

So, whether you're a first-time dad or this is your umpteenth go-around, consider how a doula can benefit even YOU during labor!

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